How is the Udacity Design Sprint Foundations course different from the AJ&Smart Design Sprint Masterclass?

The Udacity nano-degree is a great place to dip your toe into the world of Design Sprint. It's based on the Sprint book authored by Jake Knapp and positioned to set the scene as a foundation for the methodology.

Many of our students jump from the Udacity course straight into our Masterclass which offers a more comprehensive look into using design Sprints and features the most updated version of the Sprint (aptly called Design Sprint 2.0) which cuts the Sprint down from 5 days into 4 without any compromise of the value the client gets at the end of the Design Sprint. A comprehensive list of the course curriculum can be found here -

Our own course is a bit different than the Udacity course and builds on the foundations set by them. It's built from the solid foundation set by the Sprint Book and delivers the content to you with prerecorded videos step by step.

To make running Sprints easier, we also include a large number of downloadable resources, which our team at AJ&Smart uses daily, that will help you in every facet of the Design Sprint from your sales process, preparation weeks to finalizing your delivery report. We've got you covered!

As a bonus will give your team access to our private Design Sprint Masterclass Facebook group where they can engage fellow students and alumni at any time of the day with any questions, and get to see how Design Sprinters in other regions are running Sprints that could be useful for you. 

Lastly, we also host bi-weekly live Q&A's where you can get your burning questions answered live by the team :-) We'll also have Jake Knapp the co-founder of the Sprint on a few Q&A's!

If you have any questions about the course at all, please reach out to our friendly support team at [email protected] - they'd love to hear from you. 

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